Phlebotomist Salary

How Much does a Phlebotomist Earn?

Phlebotomist the Definition:

This is a trained health care professional who specializes in withdrawing blood samples for laboratory work-ups. They also analyze blood samples for the presence of disease, virus and other abnormalities.

Phlebotomist Certification:

In order to be a certified phlebotomist, one has to undergo proper training and certification that can last for a minimum of six months to one year. Other than handling blood, part of training includes CPR and basic bedside skills. Phlebotomist certification is more often obtained as a vocational course or as supplementary education.

This field is one of the highest paid within health care professionals which does not require a 4-year course. Many experts have claimed that the said profession will boost by about 15% all the way through 2020. The certification for phlebotomist is somewhat varied from state to state.

Phlebotomist Jobs:

In this area of medicine there are several jobs of expertise required. The following are some of its basics.

Phlebotomy Salaries:

Basically, the salary scale depends on the person’s geographical location and experience. However, other factors may also affect how much a phlebotomist makes, including the company they work for, the area of specialty and the number of hospital beds.  

On an hourly basis, a phlebotomist can get as low as $9.75/hour up to $16.87/hour. That is, a total annual pay of $13,381 - $35,120. According to the recent data released by, a certified professional has an average annual salary of $29,000. In the United States, phlebotomists who are based in Houston, Texas command the highest salary ranging from $18,860 to $38,960.

This is followed by North Carolina with $14,838 - $48,479 annual rate, while in Illinois they are only compensated with a salary of $13,381 - $35,120 per year. Meanwhile, the National Annualized Data in the United States have disclosed that these medical professionals have an average overtime pay of $716 per year.

While states and cities may affect the salaries, the area of specialty you work for is also one other factor to take into account. In the United States, the nurse phlebotomist earns $57,000 followed by someone in a clinical lab which makes $36,000 per year. On top of that, those who work for a government-federal type of employer have the best salary (up to $63,008).

While, those who are employed in private clinics and private firms have an average salary of $16,800. Also, those who work in surgery centers and ambulatory care have the best money paid for the work they do.

Below is a summary showing the factors affecting the said salaries and the areas they get highly paid, according to National Salary Data of medical phlebotomists in the US?

Factors Area with the Highest Paid
Experience  $49,670 (20 years experience)
City $ 38,000 (Houston, Texas)
State $ 48,960 (Texas)$ 48,960 (Texas)
Certification $ 40,425 (Certified Phlebotomy Technician)
Hospital Beds $ 39,000 (Less than 50)
Hospital Setting $ 45,000 (Ambulatory Care/Surgery Center)
Employer Type $ 63,008 (Government-Federal)
The above figures are for illustration purposes only and you need do you own local research as salary figures can vary for a great number of reasons that can not be accounted for here.